Supporting artists related to, or friends with, The Riffopolis Network by enabling direct-to-customer digital purchases and downloads

About the RiffStore

A proto-family of artists, hawking their wears.

The Riffopolis Store ("RiffStore" for short) is the digital store for all things Riffopolis, as well as friends and cohorts of Riffopolis. Launched in August 2014, The RiffStore is still shiny and new and has a lot of growing to do. What you're seeing right now is the beginning stages of what will become a vast empire. Or maybe just another online store. But, we're aiming for empire.


256-bit SSL encryption from top to bottom

This site is fully encrypted throughout your browsing and purchasing process. Your browser will verify this : look in the location bar up there. See that lock? Click it, and you'll see our valid SSL certificate details. Every page is loaded under SSL, every form is submitted that way, and we're serious about your privacy.

Yes, but how do I know my credit card details are secure? you may be asking yourself. Well, for one, we never see your credit card. When you click "Buy Now" on a product, a module loaded directly from is used for handling all of your sensitive data. When they verify your card, they send us a special "code" that's only valid for a one-time charge. We send them back the details of your purchase (what you purchased, what it costs, who's product is it) and they charge your card.

As for your account password : the "plaintext" version of your password is never stored in our database. When we generate a random password for you, only YOU know what it is. What we store is called a "hash", meaning that we run a program to generate a very long series of characters that represent your password. When you login, we run the hash on what you submitted and compare it to what's in the database. If they match, you're in. At no point do we see your password, and it's impossible for us - or anyone else - to reverse-engineer the hashing algorithm (called Blowfish) to figure out your password. This is why we can't look up your password, and can only reset it to a new randomly-generated one, or let you pick your own from your account page.


We solemnly swear to not be dicks about it

Right now, we use your email address when you make a purchase to create a unique account id. We do this for the sole purpose of letting you come back to the site, login, and download your digital purchases and view your past orders. We don't (currently) have a newsletter, and we'll never sell off your details to a 3rd party.

At some point in the future, as we expand, RiffStore might alert you about upcoming events from artists whose work you've purchased. When that times comes, we'll send you a courtesy email to let you know and give you the chance to give us some preferences about what you'd like to see, or to opt-out of any such mailings entirely.

Our customers are our virtual lifeblood. Without you, we're just pixels on a screen. We will do our very best to treat your privacy (and inbox) with respect.

Quick FAQ

For your basic burning questions. Got more? Contact us

Why do I need to type in my card details for every purchase?

Mostly because it's a lot of work to save cards for every user, verify each card through Stripe, then present you with a list of cards at checkout. We'll be adding this functionality later, but for now you can use Stripe's "Remember Me" function at checkout and save yourself the time.

Can I buy multiple copies of something all at once? Or buy several items at a time, like a shopping cart?

Not right now, you can't. Sorry.

How do I change that weird password you gave me?

Easy as pie! (easier, actually, cause there's no baking involved). Just visit your account page, type in your current password (so we know it's you) along with whatever password you want to use and click "Save Changes".

I'm an artist! How do I get in on this?

Sorry, you don't. Unless you're involved with Riffopolis, we can't help you. Not right now, anyway. Perhaps at some point we'll revisit this, but we can't support 100s of artists selling god-knows-what. Try Etsy?

What if my question isn't answered here?

Then I guess you cry about it. Or you contact us so we can help.

Why do your social network links use

We bought that domain so we could make shorter URLs for social network sharing. Nothing more to it than that.

Why is the RiffStore launched, but the Riffopolis Network site is still not launched?

Because we were really excited to get Teddy Tutson's album out to the world, and Riffopolis still has a little ways to go.