Rev. Mitcz : The Trilogy of Terrible (DVD Deluxe Edition)


Buy as a bundle and save! Everything Mitcz, all at once. 3 comedy specials, extra footage, rare material, 2 physical (optionally autographed) DVDs, 3 stickers, and a fancy t-shirt. You’re gonna fuckin’ overdose on Mitcz.

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This is the DVD Deluxe Edition version which includes physical DVDs of Keepin’ It Evil and The Importance of Self-Loathing, a T-Shirt, 3 stickers, and digital videos of all 3 specials (download at checkout), plus instant digital download of all of the following extras :

  • Makin’ It Evil mini-documentary
  • Keepin’ It Evil MP3 Album
  • Keepin’ It Evil era performances and one-offs, with intros
  • The Importance of Self-Loathing with commentary track
  • The Importance of Self-Loathing MP3 Album
  • Self-Loathing era performances and one-offs, with intros
  • Self-Loathing Encore performance

Keepin’ It Evil

This is my first DVD, filmed in August 2010. It was my first 1-hour comedy special, and it may have been the first time I was ever onstage for an hour straight. I’m a different comic now, but I still take pride in what I created with this set. The video quality and audio quality is top-notch, the jokes were delivered as I’d intended, and I spent an exorbitant amount of time putting together all the special features, the artwork, the menus, the hidden extras, and more.

This is 100% Rev. Mitcz, except for the photography (done by Michelle Star) and the camera operating (shout out to Jim Kunz).

They say comics look back at their past comedy specials and wish they could re-tell the jokes, since the jokes and the comics have evolved past the moment in time which was captured on film/audio. And, frankly, that’s true. There’s a lot I’d do differently, some things I’d not do at all (like trying to finish writing 1/4th of it a week prior), and plenty of things I’d add or tighten up.

Track Listing

  1. Ready?
  2. If I Were God… (Elastic Holes)
  3. Catnip, Strippers, Dominatrices
  4. Living Alone, Obsessive Thoughts
  5. Bad Memory
  6. Piercings
  7. My Dad on Piercings & Alice Cooper
  8. Gwar
  9. Why I’m Going to Hell
  10. Funny Things About My Mom Dying
  11. Being Sexy
  12. Handjobs & Blowjobs
  13. Women Are The Devil
  14. The Gays
  15. Republicans
  16. Hippies
  17. Keep Comedy Evil

I Want to Make Love to Your Face

The Short Version :

Rev. Mitcz performed a 35-minute show on his 33rd birthday (Oct 29, 2011) for an enthusiastic group of friends and drunks. Recorded at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA

The Long(er) 1st-person Version :

On my 33rd birthday, I decided to record an EP-length special. I’d been kicking around some weird material for awhile, my birthday was going to be on a Saturday, I could get one of the smaller rooms at Flappers (in Burbank, CA) free and clear, and I figured if I scheduled it to end by 8-9pm then I wouldn’t fuck up anyone’s Halloween plans. Ahh.. the naiveté of assuming anyone in LA wants to spend any part of Halloween at a comedy club, much less to in Burbank at all. The rain didn’t help, as that makes most Angelenos cancel any plans that aren’t really damn important or likely to be really worth it – Uber wasn’t quite a “thing” yet, having launched exclusively in San Francisco only months before – so, the crowd was maybe 20-30 people.

I’m proud of the material. And the performance. But… the audience was small, the production was kinda “meh” — I never got the high-end DSLR footage from my friend, so this is from my little Flip-style cam at 720p — and overall I just figured I could do better at a later time. Ultimately, I pretty much abandoned every joke in this set as I wrote new material that I was more excited about. The jokes from this special represent a snapshot of who I was in that moment, and I don’t regret any part of it.

So, this represents a weird mid-way point between my first special that was far more Comedian Tells Jokes and my most recent special which is more raw, honest, and accurately reflects my personality, attitude, and a more comfortable style of performing.

The Importance of Self-Loathing

Filmed in West Holllywood, CA in July 2016, this 68-minute performance delves into the silly (Wetzel’s Pretzels, Batman, Boobs), the serious (Self-Loathing, Politics, terrible people), and a whole lot of in-between (Marijuana Laws, Menstruation, getting older). Mitcz says it’s his best work to date, adding “…which isn’t saying much”. But, it’s probably at least pretty good.

Track List :

  1. Intro
  2. I’m Not the Scary One
  3. Careful with that Edge, Man
  4. Spigots!
  5. Here Kitty, Kitty
  6. Wetzel Dreams of Pretzels
  7. A Bittersweet Win for the Kool-Aid People
  8. British Batman
  9. Mansplaining Periods to Men
  10. Weed vs Alcohol
  11. A Love Letter to Boobs
  12. 20s vs 30s
  13. The Importance of Self-Loathing
  14. A Lengthy Dissertation on Joke Writing

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Rev. Mitcz (pronounced “Reverend Mitch”, but you can call him “Mitch“) is a Stand-up Comedian, host of multiple podcasts, occasional indie actor, and all-around nutcase living in the jaded city of Hollywood, CA.

While Rev. Mitcz’s stand-up comedy can be at times jarring and abrasive, he presents an endearing and silly worldview on life and society. His comedic appeal is a mixture of his stage presence, his unique personal appearance, and his dark self-awareness that exposes surprising honesty. The energetic and often upbeat nature of his act becomes infectious – making audiences laugh at subject matter they’d normally find appalling.