Teddy Tutson : Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace


Teddy Tutson’s first filmed comedy special. Available as a downloadable video and MP3s

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Recorded at The Cinefamily Theatre in Los Angeles, Teddy gives you a peek into his life as a highly self-aware black male. Racism, truck owners, what really make someone a hater, and much more are explored in this exhilarating comedy event!

Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace (Video) Details

Downloadable video for Teddy Tutson’s “Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace” comedy special. Filmed in 2014, running time 49 mins.

The full performance of “Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace” as a downloadable MPEG-4 video. Playable on just about every device imagineable, and available in full 1080p HD, this is like having Teddy Tutson in your living room. With less “eating all your food”. So, almost better. You can download it immediately at checkout and you’ll be basking in the glory of “Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace” in minutes.

Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace (Audio) Details

High-Quality MP3 version of Teddy Tutson’s album “Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace”

Get “Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace” as a full MP3 album, so you can listen on your MP3 player, in iTunes, on the road – wherever MP3s are accepted. Let the people know there Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace when you’ve got Teddy Tutson in your ears.

Track Listing :

  1. Are You A Racist or A Terrible Human Being?
  2. Dinosaurs In Heaven
  3. Craziest Shit I’ve Ever Seen
  4. Self Aware Black Male
  5. Hard To Prove Racism
  6. People Are Weird About Sex
  7. Haters
  8. Trucks
  9. White People and Zombies
  10. Ain’t Gon’ Be No Peace


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