The Importance of Self-Loathing (Digital Special Edition)


Rev. Mitcz rants about life, sex, jokes, batman and more in an effort to explain The Importance of Self-Loathing in this 68-minute special recorded in late 2016. This Special Edition includes commentary track, unreleased videos (with intros), and encore performance.

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Filmed in West Holllywood, CA in July 2016, this 68-minute performance delves into the silly (Wetzel’s Pretzels, Batman, Boobs), the serious (Self-Loathing, Politics, terrible people), and a whole lot of in-between (Marijuana Laws, Menstruation, getting older). Mitcz says it’s his best work to date, adding “…which isn’t saying much”. But, it’s probably at least pretty good.

The digital video is completely DRM-free, and is available as a 1080p h264 MP4 file. There’s a commentary track embedded in the video, selectable as a separate audio channel by most video applications.

This is the Digital Special Edition version which includes the full 68-minute special, plus :

  • The Importance of Self-Loathing with commentary track
  • The Importance of Self-Loathing MP3 Album
  • Self-Loathing era performances and one-offs, with intros
  • Self-Loathing Encore performance

Track List :

  1. Intro
  2. I’m Not the Scary One
  3. Careful with that Edge, Man
  4. Spigots!
  5. Here Kitty, Kitty
  6. Wetzel Dreams of Pretzels
  7. A Bittersweet Win for the Kool-Aid People
  8. British Batman
  9. Mansplaining Periods to Men
  10. Weed vs Alcohol
  11. A Love Letter to Boobs
  12. 20s vs 30s
  13. The Importance of Self-Loathing
  14. A Lengthy Dissertation on Joke Writing

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Standard, Special Edition

Rev. Mitcz (pronounced “Reverend Mitch”, but you can call him “Mitch“) is a Stand-up Comedian, host of multiple podcasts, occasional indie actor, and all-around nutcase living in the jaded city of Hollywood, CA.

While Rev. Mitcz’s stand-up comedy can be at times jarring and abrasive, he presents an endearing and silly worldview on life and society. His comedic appeal is a mixture of his stage presence, his unique personal appearance, and his dark self-awareness that exposes surprising honesty. The energetic and often upbeat nature of his act becomes infectious – making audiences laugh at subject matter they’d normally find appalling.